The Colorectal Surgeon

Support for people with colorectal cancer

Beating Bowel Cancer - produces a comprehensive range of information about the disease, aimed at patients, healthcare professionals and the general public

Cancer Research UK - produces reliable, easy to understand patient information about cancers and current research

NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) -An independent organization responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health

Macmillan Cancer Support - improves the lives of people affected by cancer. They provide practical, medical and financial support and push for better cancer care

Inflammatory bowel disease

National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease - brings together people of all ages who have Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis, which includes Proctitis, their families and the health professionals involved in their care. Within their website ample amount of information and support for patients with inflammatory bowel disease may be found

Incontinence or control problems

Bladder and Bowel Foundation


British Colostomy Association - provide information and practical advice related to the procedure of having a colostomy

Ileostomy and Internal Pouch Support Group - primary aim is to help people who have to undergo surgery which involves the removal of their colon (known as a colectomy) and the creation of either an ileostomy or an ileo-anal pouch


The National Independent Bowel Cancer Screening Programme - from Point Of Care Testing Ltd offers everyone in the UK and Ireland, regardless of age or location, the opportunity for bowel cancer screening

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme - the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme started being rolled out in July 2006 and will achieve nation wide coverage by  2010. The programme offers screening every two years to all men and women aged 60 to 69. People over 70 can request a screening kit by calling a freephone helpline when the programme reaches their area